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Yes, we do charge a nominal amount for designing your kitchen. Our qualified designer first visits your home to take the required measurement, after which designs are made prepared on initial briefing by the client. If the design is approved, a designer is dedicated to cost and plan your ideal kitchen.

There is a process involved in the of making a modular kitchen, which consists of the site visit, physical measurements, designing, discussing, finalizing, placing an order for manufacturing, dispatch and then finally installation at your home. Normally this process takes 6-7 weeks for Indian Kitchens.

Modular kitchens are easy to maintain. Based to the design and material used, necessary care needs to be taken and a few common practices will ensure the long life of you modular kitchen. Please check our Maintenance Tips section for more information.

Modular kitchens are available in a range of colors, designs, textures, material and concepts. These specifications keep changing with time and new developments are a constant feature in all aspects of the kitchen. Even the trends vary with changing lifestyles and preferences. Nowadays, straight lines are in vogue. Handle-less doors, soft closing drawers, top open-able glass doors, built-in appliances form the latest trend. You can also give your kitchen a rustic country look by using solid wood finish shutters. Contemporary, classic or rustic, whatever represents your personality can reflect in your Modular Kitchen.

Appliances in a Modular kitchen are as important as the kitchen itself! Sinks are the most important accessories and no kitchen is complete without a sink. It is the known fact that no modular kitchen company manufactures their own appliances. You can buy any accessory from any reputed brand, but just take care to share this information with the designer before designing the kitchen, so it's very easy to accommodate it in the design process. Same rule applies for all other accessories.

The non-visible area of the modular furniture can be covered by plain tiles and the visible area called "dado" can be decorated by good designer tiles, composite material or simply extend the same granite or counter-top. Counter-tops are available in various materials and finishes like, marble, granite, composite, wood and steel. Most common and recommended is granite, due to its hardness. However, composite products are very much the recent trend. Even laminated counter-tops can be used, provided there is careful use of water.Marble, granite, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles, etc can be used for the flooring. We recommend using a harder surface, as the kitchen is a room where bulky utensils and equipment are shifted (like cylinders, refrigerators and so on), causing scratches and indents. Hence, the harder the surface the better and longer is its life. Johnson has an exhaustive range in tiles for the walls and floor of the kitchen.Granite is a widely preferred material for the flooring as it is easy to clean and matches practically anything. Although marble absorbs water quickly which makes it prone to staining, it scores high in the looks department. The most practical would be vitrified or semi-vitrified floors from Johnson and Marbonite.For a low traffic kitchen, wooden flooring or wooden floor laminates can be considered. This is the latest trend in high profile or affluent kitchens.

Normally we install an exhaust fan to purify the air in the kitchen. By doing this the oil vapour, dust particles and carbon travel from cooking area to the exhaust fan and settle down on the surface of kitchen wall, top cabinets and damage the look and surface. At the same time it's also harmful for the health of the person cooking. Chimneys are located just above the cooking hob and hence all smoke, oil vapour, dust particles and carbon get sucked into it directly and are then pulled out of the kitchen with the help of powerful suction blowers and fans. Some chimneys are designed with built-in lights and a timer, among other features. Some, due to the glass or steel finish, also add to the aesthetic appeal of the modular kitchen.

We provide shutters of various materials, few of which are partial board, MDF, ply, solid wood, etc. It can also be mixed and matched as per your tastes. Materials like aluminum and glass are also used to break the monotony as well as to enhance the usability of the kitchen.

The range is exhaustive. We provide more than 115 color choices in European kitchens and over 85 colors for Indian kitchens. The colors are available in laminate, membrane, paint and acrylic finishes. The shutters are made in various design finishes, like 4-side edge banding, post form, routed, mesh, aluminum profile with glass, etc.The choices allow you to juggle with unlimited number of combinations, which suits your budgets, interiors, tastes and personality

Costing of a modular kitchen is based not only on the dimension, but also on other factors like the selection of martial, hardware, number of drawers and doors, type of accessories used, etc. So, it is not possible to estimate the price of a kitchen by its size alone.Our designers are equipped with sufficient knowledge to understand your requirement and budget, and can easily design a kitchen which fits in your budget. At the same time, our designers duty is to give you the best kitchen that your money can buy, thus proving to be value for money for a long period of time. At Johnson Kitchens, we are committed to delighting you with the kitchen of your dream.We have kitchens starting from the range of Rs. 75,000 to over Rs. 200,000. We can further customize the kitchens based on your budget and need.

Yes. We give a 3-year warranty for Aadya Interio modular kitchens range

Appliances and fixtures in a Modular kitchen are as important as the kitchen itself. It is a known fact that no modular kitchen company manufactures its own appliances. You can buy any accessory from any reputed brand, but do remember to share this information with the designer before designing the kitchen, so that it can be accommodated in the design process

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